what it kills to grow in

by Pure Horsehair



released September 9, 2004

recorded and mixed by clay holley
gd : gtr, voc, bass, drums
shahzad ismaily : electric gtr, voc
jessica pavone : viola
jason cady : string arrangements



all rights reserved


Pure Horsehair Brooklyn, New York

Pure Horsehair is the name under which Garrett Devoe performs and records. Currently residing in Brooklyn, NY.

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Track Name: what it kills to grow in
what it kills to grow in

autumn ends and the elements are against you
it's hard to breathe when things need room to grow in
i see leaves fall at the base of your building
i know rats and worms make their home there
and can see

you don't feel so bad
you don't feel so bad
you don't feel so bad

gone are the hazy agitated days
homicides and wars have had their way
now let's ease back in our bed
pull the sheets back and spend our days here

you don't feel so bad
you don't feel so bad
you don't feel so bad...
Track Name: the room
the room

get it off your chest, i've been there
i've got a knife i like to slash
come on your throats so thin
you sweat a lot of salt and tears
there's so much heat inside you
why's there so much?
i think if you ignite us
we might combust

come alive this time
come on leave it all behind
give it up this time
give it all give it up

i swore that i
didn't have the room for it
and still i see you eat
ghost meals... ghost meals
you're killin it inside you
like a beast that needs to be tied up
i think it could be alright though
in the sheets in the midnight light

come alive this time
come on leave it all behind
give it up this time
got a life
gonna die for it.
Track Name: garden song
garden song

fear ghosts now garden
and your bones have all hardened
i got a weakness for sympathy
and the nurses all are missin me
my blood has been dusted
with peonies and i trusted
that i'd return sooner to you

yeah, i'd have had returned sooner
with strings and a tuner
and patience for stellar ways
and x rated days
but the plants in the bed
and the weeds in my red red eye

you dance out of happiness
and that's good, i guess
got dirt on your new simple print dress
the rain has stopped sinkin
yet the lawn keeps on drinkin
funny how to compliments
can shift into dissidence
big words on small thoughts
look what this heady limb has caught
and dropped like it can't give a shit
just a cunt and two tit

you're a peach with no pit
i'm a bull with a bit
this bed's for the taken
i'm through with your rakin
and castin up sentiments
just leave me in the lemon scent
barefoot in the shrubs
by the earthworms and the grubs
newly relocated
severely less shaded...
Track Name: ballad for crooked tooth
ballad for crooked tooth

your lips upturned your crooked teeth kill me
cross the country again
heard you saw your father bike into his grave
all those things he saved and couldn't give away

lame ass town
a dungeon
a lame ass town
i'm stuck in one

drove off in love
with two boys stuck in your glove box
off into the country
tired of breathing people and dust
high miles, mile high
drivin through blizzard dead and
omaha mama's waitin with made up beds
the christian through the blizzard hell
and you licked a million flakes
and it's just as well

lame ass town
a dungeon
a lame ass town
i'm stuck in one

oh yeah, lost my shit
got drunk fell down a bit
threw it all in a garbage pail
and laid down in the gutter
you kissed my knee, you lit my sail
you threw me up jumpin stairs
on the hood, so good
cussed out like we should in a

lame ass town
a dungeon
a lame ass town
a settin sun

lame ass town
and i'm stuck underground
a lame ass town
and i'm sure glad you stuck around.
Track Name: light as a feather
light as a feather

i tried to unload my thoughts
to a magnetic reel
but the pirate low band station
kept driftin through the steel

light as a feather
stiff as a board

i jumped into the sound
when you went out of town
the bats were in the belfry
and the birds were dead on the ground

light as a feather
stiff as a board
light as a feather
stiff as a board
Track Name: red night
red night

red night take flight
hand in your sweater
were birds of a feather
let's stick together
fledglings broken wings
borne by the river
a shake and shiver
can dawn deliver?
flyin home